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Torwoods Original Gangster

aka 'Jax' DOB 2/09/2015

Sire: Kings of Odin Never Ending Story

Dam: Quinlent Luck is an Attitude

Clear by parents L2HGA, HC 

Kings Of Odin Never Ending Story

aka 'Bruce' DOB 09/02/2014

Sire: Ch. Eclypstaff Cuz I Can

Dam: Small Comics Kiss My Ass

Tested free on L2HGA, HC and PL

Niricha's Take the Crown

aka ' Cooper' DOB 20/09/2013

Sire: Niricha's Ground Zero
Dam: Quinlent Bunnahabhain

Clear by parents on L2HGA & HC

Hero's From Old House Des Vallees Du Grand Nord (RIP)

aka ' Harley' DOB 10/07/2012 - RIP 20/09/2013 

Sire: Hammystaff Heaven Sent

Dam: French Kisses Des Vallees Du Grand Nord

Apocalyps of Lanaca Staffs (RIP)

aka 'Joey' DOB 14/10/2001 - RIP february 2016

Sire: Scousious Albert Dock

Dam: Braw Glen of Belglenn